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Did you know that Stage West Dinner Theatre offers a unique and fun way to raise money for your charity or organization? Why go to all the trouble of arranging dinner and entertainment when Stage West does it all for you!

The process involves reserving a minimum of 30 tickets at our group rate and re-selling them at whatever price you choose. Generally, they are re-sold at our regular rate but the re-sale price is up to you. Your charity’s profit could be $37 or more per ticket sold depending on the re-sale value you select and the group rate you qualify for. Your event may also include speeches, presentations, silent auctions and special decorations, etc. if you qualify for a private event.

Your organization may also purchase additional tickets over and above the original amount to a maximum of around 400 seats, depending on the night in question and the configuration of the theatre.

Some restrictions may apply.

Please contact our Sales Manager, Joel Conley at 403-243-7077 or via email, if you have any questions or if you are interested in reserving an event for your organization.

Thank you!


Joel Conley

Sales Manager
Stage West Theatre Restaurants